111 Angel Number

Seeing Angel Number 111: Your Spiritual Awakening Has Begun

Seeing 111: Your Spiritual Awakening Has Begun

Do you ever feel like there must be more to life than just going to work, running errands, and vegging out on the couch binging the latest show? Do you ever lay awake at night wondering what your greater purpose in this world might be? If you answered yes to either of those questions, seeing the number 111 popping up over and over again likely means you’re on the verge of a spiritual awakening.

What does it mean to be spiritually awakened though?

A spiritual awakening refers to a shift in consciousness or awareness where you deeply realize your connection to something greater than yourself. Some common realizations people have during a spiritual awakening include:

These realizations don’t necessary hit you all at once in some magical a-ha moment. For many people, spiritual awakening is better described as a gradual process. The more aware you become, the more awake you are. The number 111 serves as a reminder you to pay attention to the signs.

Seeing Angel Number 111: Your Spiritual Awakening Has Begun

Seeing 111? Pay Attention! It’s a Wake Up Call From the Universe

What makes 111 stand out from other number patterns has to do with the fact it’s repetitive. When you see 111 or multiples of 111 (like 1111, 11:11 etc) repeatedly, it’s the universe’s way of begging for your attention. Pay attention to what’s happening RIGHT NOW.

The universe could be trying to wake you up from your slumber and make you aware you’re on the brink of a major spiritual expansion. When you see 111, you may want to ask yourself questions like:


The answers you get can reveal the new directions or awakenings want to pull you towards.

Here is the main lesson 111 brings: You have the power to choose at any moment. Choosing to be more loving, act with integrity, radiate kindness – it’s always available to you. No matter what situation you face, you have the power to choose your response.

As you start shifting out of auto-pilot and making conscious choices, you’ll gain spiritual wisdom enabling you make decisions aligned with your soul purpose.

Trust You’re Being Shifted Towards Your Highest Good –

Seeing 111 Your Spiritual Awakening Has Begun

While spiritual awakenings can feel blissful and filled with signs of synchronicity when they start, they often require what’s been called “the dark night of the soul” before reaching the full awakening.

The dark night of the soul refers to a phase those on the spiritual path must go through where they shed their ego selves and feel lonely, depressed, and lost. During this phase you realize external sources can’t provide lasting fulfillment. Things that once brought you joy no longer serve you. You must look inward.

You start questioning who you really are outside of the identities and labels you’ve accumulated. It can be a brutal process because the ego never wants to be extinguished. But you start realizing relying solely on external conditions for happiness only leads to suffering. True peace must come from within.

When you see 111, know that even if you now find yourself in a dark night of the soul period feeling confused or in despair, you will make it through. Have faith that you are shedding the layers that stand between you and your highest self. Trust the Universal force is shifting things according to a Divine plan so you can thrive as your most authentic soulful self.


Align Your Vibration with Your Prayers to Receive More Guidance –

Another reason to pay attention when 111 appears over and over goes back to the spiritual truth that energy attracts like energy. When you see 111 and take it as a sign to focus on awakening, you naturally raise your vibration and frequency. You literally tune your soul antenna to be better aligned with the universe.

Then you’ll be more likely to receive more signs, synchronicity and strong intuition guiding you to people, places, or events that match your soul needs. Maybe you finally listen to that inner nudge urging you to leave the unfulfilling job and make that career shift that aligns with your passion. Or you feel guided to enroll in meditation or reiki classes helping you connect with your spiritual gifts.

The more you follow the guidance 111 brings, the more you develop trust and tools for navigating the spiritual awakening journey. With expanded awareness, you spot the signs and synchronicity that confirm you’re on the right path. Then you manifest more of what you need via the spiritual laws of attraction and intention.

See how it works? When 111 pops up on the clock, take a second to get quiet and set a clear intention like: “Guide me so I know which steps to take to rapidly awaken and use my gifts to serve the world now.” Feel that this is already so. Then watch how things shift and unfold for you!

Say Yes to Your Soul’s Evolution and Become a Beacon of Light –

Seeing 111: Spiritual Awakening Begun

At this point you may be wondering, “I see 111 often. Does constant repetition mean my soul keep missing the same lessons?! How stuck am I?!”

Seeing any repeating number pattern over and over usually means you’re being called to ascend to the next level. Maybe there are deeper layers to peel back and uncover on your awakening journey. The disappearance of these number sequences likely means you’ve fully integrated the lessons they held.

So constantly seeing 111 is nothing to worry about. Simply affirm: “I accept and say YES to evolving as my highest soul self, rapidly shedding anything blocking my spiritual growth.”

Then, know that you CAN handle this. Saying yes to profound spiritual expansion does take courage because it leads out of ordinary reality into uncharted territory. There you realize everything you took as fixed and stable – your beliefs, status, appearance, possessions – can change in an instant.

It’s okay to feel some fear and resistance towards this. The key is to affirm you’re ready to surrender what no longer serves you to uncover your radiant Divine self. You were born for this! You CAN handle this transformation process.


When you view spiritual awakening as the grandest adventure where your deepest soul wishes come true, how can you not say yes? Imagine theimpact your awakened self can make in this world!

Yes, the process may get messy at times. But guidance like 111 reminds you’re fully supported all the way through it.

If even one person’s awakening impacts collective consciousness, it’s so worth it. That person then uplifts countless others just by their awakened presence…like a glowing beacon of light piercing the darkness.

So say YES to awakening NOW.

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